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From the ashes...

In October of 2021,  Phoenix started regressing in school, complaining all the time, losing his appetite, and just not acting like himself.  So, his parents took him to the doctor, and were sent home after being told multiple times to simply give him Motrin for pain.  He wasn't eating properly, and he began losing a ton of weight, while complaining of pain all the time. Phoenix ended up in the hospital in December again, where numerous tests were ran over the course of a week.  It was determined that he had stage 4, high risk cancer; Neuroblastoma had spread from his gut up to his shoulder.  This news was absolutely devastating for the family, as they were informed that two additional spots on his spine had been found as well. 

Phoenix, now at 9 years old, has an 18 month journey of fighting this cancer.  After already going through months of chemo which will continue, Phoenix must face a mix of surgery, chemo, stem cell transplants, and radiation treatments.  There is a total of two months that Phoenix and his parents will have to stay in the hospital and be separated from their oldest son and Phoenix's big brother, Ryley.  They have to be separated every time Phoenix goes in for his normal rounds of chemo which last up to 2 weeks at a time per month, and now an additional two months has been added on top of that.  During this time, the family cannot work and rely heavily on the support of others and donations.

Phoenix is one of the strongest, bravest kids you'll ever meet.  He is a true fighter; join us as we fight alongside him!

... a Phoenix will rise.

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We have created a Non-Profit to help support Phoenix through this called Phoenix Rising.  All donations will be put directly into the non-profit bank account so it will be available for his parents to use for his expenses. Once Phoenix kicks this cancer this non-profit will be used to help other children with Neuroblastoma! Phoenix's name will forever change the lives of children with cancer. 


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MARCH 2022


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This event is going to be giant!  We are going all out for the little man, so please be patient with us as we curate this event!  Date and venue location announcement coming soon!

For questions, contact Cassandra Keegan:

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