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Curated, filmed, edited, and produced by R Squared Studios.

Mini Gallery

The Verde Mantis F80 M3 (4k)

Pulling the trigger to re-launch our YouTube page with a bang.  We present to you Stan and his ultra-rare Verde Mantis F80 M3, which is 1 of 21 worldwide.  To say we are stoked to capture this moment with him is an understatement.

Follow Stan and his M3 build on Instagram! @r8t3d__m Song

Music Credits: Falside - Yoppa


We work with our partners HitechModa and numerous other fashion industry professionals to create dynamic shows and high-quality content from the runway, and beyond. 

Wish You Were Here

At the Akron Civic Theater, Akron, OH, 2023

Sanella's 50th Birthday Party

"I look fly, I look good."

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